A word from the CEO

It is a pleasure to introduce you to Tejas Health Management.  We have been in full operation for about a year now.  We have staff, an office and all of the infrastructure needed to realize our vision as a viable organization that provides tangible and intangible value to our members and clients, improves the systems of care for the communities we serve and the health of the individuals who live there. We will realize this Vision by serving as a bridge between the community-based organizations we represent and the Managed Care Organizations who have agreements with payers to manage the healthcare of their several constituent groups.  Tejas has built this bridge on the foundation of the services that community-based organizations have been providing to their patients and clients for many years.  These organizations have developed resources to help people in their communities who have complex conditions.  Most of those they serve have multiple chronic health conditions that need specialized interventions that are provided in person, in the community and in their homes.  The organizations have years of experience delivering this care and helping people stay out of hospitals and other institutional based care.  Tejas and the community-based organizations are aligned in the goal to improve the health of those we serve and help them stay in their communities. Health care is changing.  The Managed Care Organizations now have financial incentives to keep their members out of higher and more costly levels of care.  This means that they must find ways to arrange for the delivery of services to them in their communities.  These organizations have developed networks and services in a traditional way that included physicians, therapists and hospitals.  Tejas introduces them to the incredible work being done in the community using evidence-based and researched services…the very services that the community-based organizations have been doing for years. Tejas bridges the services that community-based organizations currently deliver to persons with complex conditions to Managed Care Organizations who need new weapons in their arsenal of health care services.  We provide Information Technology and Business Consulting to help community-based organizations prepare for and deliver those services to the current insurance market standards.  We describe those services, package them into products that Managed Care Organizations can use to meet their requirements and that can be put into contracts and paid.  Finally we provide the administrative services needed to support community-based organizations efforts to deliver these vital services. We want to be of service for both ends of the bridge.  Look our services over today and as we grow. Charlie Boone

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