IT Products and Services

In today’s technology-driven world, it is critical that providers have access to the most up-to-date information technology systems in order to provide the best treatment possible to patients.  Tejas provides IT Products and Consulting Services to ensure patient documentation is current and accurate, claims are filed in a timely manner, and data is analyzed to assist in optimal care decision-making.

Tejas has developed the following products to help optimize business processes:

Tejas IT Consulting services include:

  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems Analysis
  • Electronic Medicare/Medicaid and Insurance Billing Systems
  • Development of Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Clinical forms design and re-design
  • General, all-purpose IT management consulting
  • Development of technology solutions to help improve business processes
  • Data analysis to assist in identifying and stratifying risk and to improve decision-making

We are experienced in resolving billing and payment issues between payors and providers as well as finding creative solutions for vexing payment problems that affect individuals’ access to the care they need.